Any one running a Quadro FX 1400 GFX card?

Any one running a Nvidia Quadro FX 1400 128Mb DDR GFX card?

I’ve got one coming in my new Boxx and could do with somefeed back on using it with Blender.



Isn’t it better to go for a 256Mb instead?
And what is it, PCI-E or AGP?
Which I think is a good question, because if PCI-E is the future I’m gonna have to buy me a new motherboard.

Probably is better but I was advised by Boxx to go for more ram and the 1400 128, rather than less ram and the 256 or next card up.

Went for 4GB DDR400 (2GB per Opteron) and the 1400.

Yes it is PCI-E, so I can bolt another in there in the future and run them in tandem. Will finally be upgrading to dual core Opterons when the prices drop.



… btw, did you ever do anything with your ps2 linux kit?

Yes envy! me too!

I wanted to get a boxx 2years ago too but I failed at their configurator on the website. so I tried to build me the poor mans boxx :smiley:

Would be cool if you could share your experiences with this setup when you got everything up and running. I’m very interested in the performance.

And if Santa Claus comes by again - send him right to me!!



… btw, did you ever do anything with your ps2 linux kit?[/quote]

Yeah, I shelved it. :smiley: The major flaw was needing a sync on green monitor to run at a decent resolution. Didn’t have one or the funds to buy one at the time.
A 640x480 screen on a TV doesn’t help with Gnome or X windows, especially as you can’t click on most of the buttons. Bloody annoying tbh. Still I’m not scared of wasting £200 every now and then. %|

I had only bought it to try and utilise the gfx chips for speed rendering, but the version of Blender I had running was incredibly slow. OpenGl/PS2 version incompatibility issues. My PC was rendering a scene faster, especially after porting a file across the PS2.

It’s all still there though, so if I can round to it & can find a suitable monitor I’ll have another go.

Mind you this new Boxx will make that idea redundant. (Thought it was about time I invested in myself. It was either a new comp or a super charger for my CTR.)

This is the beast I’ve bought:-


Twin 244 1.8Ghz 64Bit Opterons (Upgrading to twin Dual core 280’s when the price drops.)
Nvidia Quadro FX 1400 128Mb DDR (Will be banging another of these or a slightly higher spec card in the future on PCI-E in tandem.)
80GB -7200rpm serial ATA HD 8MB cache
Win XP Pro 64bit

Paid for today, delivered next week, along with the Release Candidate version of Maxwell Render. (Release date has been pushed back again, so the RC version is being sent out in the meantime.)

I’m desperate for the Boxx to arrive as I’m killing my temp 2.6GhzP4 machine, trying to render Maxwell renders.


No worries mate, I’ll let you know how I get on.

I ended up ringing them to configure the machine as the quotes they worked out for me were all wrong. As it happens I got the spec I wanted for less than the quotes they offered me.


I’m running the same card (PCI-E 128mb Quadro FX1400) on my Dual Xeon workstation at work. I mainly run Pro/Engineer which needs a rock solid OpenGL card for best performance. Blender, as you would expect, runs fine on the machine with this card.

However, I did have some problems with Nvidia’s drivers when Blender 2.37a was released which were tracked down to compatability probs. Blender would crash regularly when mesh editing etc. I solved that by selecting a different profile in the OpenGL options of the card (3DStudio MAX settings worked best).

Currently running with drivers version 77.18 with the profile set for Pro/Engineer.

I did have correspondence with Ton where he indicated that Nvidia’s drivers were going through a bit of a bad patch. I had similar problems with my other Quadro card (FX1000 AGP 128mb) as well but rolling back the drivers solved that.

For professional use, great card, but as always be careful when you update the drivers, wait for official Nvidia releases (ignore beta releases) and be prepared to roll back to previous solid versions until the bugs have been ironed out.

Ricky Dee

Whoa! What a beast! :o
Looks like you won’t need a 256Mb graphics card anyway.

Wow, you can run 4 monitors on that thing.
If Blender had that possibility you could have a monitor for each viewport.

Ricky, thankyou very much for the feedback. The Boxx comes built to my spec, so I’d presume the latest drivers are installed, but if I have any problems I’ll roll back to a prior version.

Thanks too for the tip about the Open GL options.

EDIT - nice site too mate. Are you an ME sufferer, or do you just have a link on your site? I suffer from ME. :frowning:

Where abouts are you in the UK?

vliegtuig, yes 4 monitors when running two gfx cards. :smiley: I’ll be running two 19" monitors from the start. 8)



Yup, I have ME too, 5 years now :frowning: but I’ve started to make improvements in the past year or so :slight_smile: . It’s a long slow process though.

I started the blog to keep track on how I was feeling day to day along with anything of interest. Theres a lot of posts in the archives about ME/CFS and my newly diagnosed NASH (death by acroynms :wink: )

I’m in Scotland but come from Northern Ireland.

Hope you’re coping well with your illness.

Ricky Dee

the PNY Quadro FX 4000 SDI Video Card sounds coo :expressionless:

that is quite a rip-off when you can get a 4400 from newegg for less:

Anyway, i doubt many people here have that card sonix, blender users tend to not be super rich studio employees that are usually the buyers of those cards. (wow, that was bad grammar, too lazy to use backspace)

SamAdam, I didn’t realise I fell into that category, but on reflection I probably do. :expressionless: :expressionless: Just not the GFX studio type, but TV studio type. :wink: