Any one use HGBlenderRanch

Hey i just downloaded HGBlenderRanch… I think its pretty cool, but ive been searching the forums as well as blendernation, and cant find any articles about it, nor anyone using it.

Just so you know what it is, its a server render farm that makes use of every ones idle computers… i tried using it, and my pc rendered like 8 frames of some one elses, but none of my stuff got rendered.

Like vSwarm?

Just like that i suppose… Does Vswarm have more people on it?

I am intrigued, but I have not signed up. My main reason for using a render farm would be to speed up Lux renders. So the render farm would have to support that Render system for me to be interested.

I investigated vSwarm a bit more and signed up. It looks like I can not get animations from Lux from their system, only stills. I was hoping for a more intuitive system, like Rebus has. You upload your file and you download your rendered images.