Any open source altern for QuickTime VR?

Does anyone know of open source software which will stitch 2D photos of an object into a 3D .MOV or similar and insert hotspots? My educational users can’t afford proprietry software licences. Even only one plane of rotation would be useful anthough 2 planes (for full 3D fx ) would be better.

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One good freeware program for 3D objects (I don’t know if it can be used with photos or if it supports hotspots) is 3DNP. It’s java based so it doesn’t need any plugins for browsers for example.

I think to be a spammer, he’d have to be either selling something or doing something malicious (altho we get plenty of that kind of thing in OTC by long-time members, eh? :slight_smile: ) This fellow’s probably just a lurker who finally gave in to the posting temptation.

RichardC, can your folks afford flash (like on an educational liscence?) If so, then maybe Papervision 3D could do something for you. (Also see this thread.) Regardless, let us know how it works out!

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