Any other bigger contest like Blender F1?

Hehe yes guys, like BgDM and Mr. Bomb mentioned, we’re just finalising the details now — mainly prize sponsors. So watch this space :wink:

Oh-oh … we’re almost ready to rock & roll as well, just depends how well it goes with sponsorship. Would it be a serious conflict if they run together? I don’t want either contest to negatively impact the other.

I guess the two main questions for that would be:

  1. Is your contest big enough that a decent amount of users would pick it over entering the BWC?
  2. Is your contest different enough in theme/setup that the people likely to enter it and the people entering the BWC probably arent the same type of artists anyway?

Whoa … if I understand it good, there are two bigger contests coming :). I hope I will have time to make entries to both of them.

If it will run simultaneous, I fear that people will make entries only in that contest, in which the theme suits them better.

Maybe the both contest could be merged or there could be one contest with two branches (themes). But there would be probably problem with sponsors :(.

Yeh I’m afraid they can’t merge hey. Hopefully the two are different enough so it draws in different people.

Realistic & Stylized Human Challenge

More details will follow with the launch — here at Blenderartists and on Blendernation :slight_smile:

Aye hopefully it draws different artists, hope to see you enter Bendansie :eyebrowlift:

Well i think the thing is more the end date, than the start date.

BWC will finish on the 1st of September, start on the 1st of July. so lets hope they don’t conflict.

I might start up a competition calender, so that these regular ones can be pencilled (roughly in) with a quick description about them. Chances are most competitions will draw different crowds so overlaps are not a big deal.


Alltaken, this one will run for 9 weeks, but I can’t confirm the start date yet I’m afraid, we’re aiming for within the next 2 weeks.

I think a calendar will be a good idea hey, and I think this should draw a different crowd like you mentioned.

Hey all, just a quick note to anyone who wants to know. We’ve decided to rather wait for the BWC to finish before starting the contest: BLENDING LIFE — Realistic & Stylized Human Challenge.

Sorry about that but it’s the best move we believe. Will keep everyone updated about dates etc. :wink:

Thats great news, Len :).

I just started modelling ;). Dont forget to post an official thread about this contest with rules, etc.

REiKo: No worries. We will.


Thanks I was split over wither to enter this or BWC I am a bit of an intermediate level user who is seeking any means to improve my skills and learn the fine art of finishing projects that I start. two great competitions with themes that appeal to me just means twice the fun.

With three big comps, Blender F1, BWC and Yours this is only getting better… not that I animate it would be nice it see an animation competition running as well

@Len nice to see that the are a few artist from Africa here

tyrant monkey - - Blender users are more than welcome to enter this animation contest for those who are looking. I intend to one day, but need to improve my animation skills.

Len, I’ve been waiting to do a really expressive Freddie Mercury sculpt, this contest sounds like the perfect excuse to actually do it.

That or a legendary ‘Ron Burgandy’.

Or a Sweeny Todd.

But the hair… hmm. Choices eh?

Got all inspired to start my entry, only to remember the contest won’t start till after th BWC. Left entering that a touch too late… :slight_smile:

Hehe yeh :slight_smile: Its should launch just after the BWC. :slight_smile:

Maybe the winning entry could be used as splash screen for new version of Blender ;).

Good idea :slight_smile: I hope we get awesome quality entries!

Must be getting close to a launch with some info soon, BWC entries are effectively due. Quite keen to start some sketches and such, pretty sold on who my subject matter will be.

One of those - been looking for an excuse for ages - projects…

OK. I have found a target person I will model and collected about 30 reference pictures till now ;). Only thing I am waiting for is someone who will say: “Okay, guys. Here are the rules. Get ready … get set … go!” :smiley:

Is this still on? I’ve already started on some roughs so sketches and so for about what I want to do.

Seeing what amazing works people come up for BWC it will be interesting to see what this will bring up.