any other more plant creating software?

i tried using arboro to make a fern but it only allows branches to curve upwards and nothing sideways, i was suggested to use ng plant but i could never find thin right software, so are there any others that are better out there?

There are tons of them out there, but almost none of them are easy to use. There’s an excellent app for iOS that is fantastic for easily sketching out trees, but, alas, is only for iPad/iPhone.

Onyx tree and plant, expensive but very intuitive, light weight, and nice results.

Don’t be turned away by the mid-90s era website, Onyx is a great tool!

Does Onyx work decently together with Blender?

i don’t have the money!!! any free ones?
and to say it, if i had that money, and would have saved it for a better computer that can render stuff faster, then it doesn’t matter how high poly it is, and i can just make the plant myself~
but the base line is that i don’t have the money, and i’m very tight on my pockets

I never tryed my self but maybe this can help you.

As long as you can import the format, everything works well with Blender.

Actually have you tried the Sapling addon for blender? It comes bundled with official releases and it’s quite powerful. Other than that you can try:

or you can even use Unity

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Here’s a nice list of tree and plant generation software, with pros and cons.

For smaller plant generation I quite like the (very old) Plant Studio, which creates some interesting plants, although they are very low poly.

Xfrog for Cinema4d v8 was given away for free with 3D Magazine a couple of years ago - that’s the one I am now using. I also have a license of Xfrog 3.5 full standalone. There is a 50% sale going on at the xfrog site, and you can get Xfrog 3.5 lite (no animation) standalone for as low as $149 - excellent deal, and one of the industry standards for plant/tree generation software.

I think AVEVA Everything3D™ (AVEVA E3D™) is the best plant creating software:

AVEVA Everything3D™ (AVEVA E3D™) exploits the latest technology innovations in mobile computing, Cloud computing and laser scanning to enable Lean methods in plant project execution. It takes the plant industry to a new level of capability, reducing cost, timescale and project risk on projects of all sizes.

Their features are:

The 3D plant design model is created and modified using discipline-specific applications, each optimised for the most efficient modelling in the relevant discipline.

Optimised lighting, shadows and edge highlighting increase spatial awareness, making it easier to position objects accurately in the model.

The Microsoft Fluent® user interface makes functions easy to find and obvious to use.
New users become proficient quickly. Experienced users become more productive.

Easily customise the behaviour of the product to suit your working methods
Create automated functions to increase productivity and competitive advantage.

That’s a joke, right? This thread is about plants as in “living organisms, multicellular eukaryotes”, NOT manufacturing plants.

Btw, CoriEllings, why are you reviving old threads on these forums with suggestions of software?

And based on your Aveva “recommendation” I conclude you have never used the software yourself, and are merely copying that company’s text of their website.

To what end, if I may ask?