Any other musicians around?

Hey, I know I probably should’ve used that search thing… but I didn’t really feel like doing that :).

I was just wondering if there were other musicians around here… doesn’t matter what instument or whatever, just wondering what your style is, how long you’ve been playing what you play, why you started and all. I’m a guitarist myself, playing for about 5 years, playing the drums for… a little longer, but just for fun, so I’m not really good at that. I’m playing … mostly old-school metal, zakk wylde-ish attempts(even though I won’t even come close to what he does:P).

Oh yeah, what r your …“idols”… hate that word but can’t figure out what else to use.

Aside, if you feel like sharing music or anything… [email protected] … craving for some musician contacts too:P

I’ve been taking guitar lessons for about 6 months, now. I mainly play “classic” sounding music, because that’s what’s in my method book. (I know a few rock songs, and have some other stuff that I want to learn when I get the chance.;)) I’ve been learning to sight-read for the past 5 months, and that’s one of my main focuses right now.

I don’t really have any guitar idols, yet.:wink: If a group plays a song that I like, though, and it has good guitar work, it’s at least a form of inspiration for me.:smiley:

Yo, Iplay guitar, drums, piano…Im a singer too. Ive been in a couple bands, but they didnt work out. Im actually into all types of music, but currently, im doin some solo stuff. Sometimes, its a bluesy john mayer sort of thing, other time, its a punk rock, hit the lights sort of thing.

Piano here…
Been playing for a while and now I’m preparing stuff for my senior recital this Spring. I’ll see if I can post the vid of me doing a Mozart Piano Concerto with orchestra, I need to get the guy to give me the freaking DVD…

Trumpet. Six years. I mostly like Jazz. One of my idols is Wynton Marsalis. I started playing when I was in 5th grade. I am told I am good (and I hope it’s true :))

I’m a bass singer in a choir


I play a little guitar.

I wish I could play the bass guitar, but I’m already busy enough without having to learn an instrument. And I don’t have enough money for the guitar and all that comes with it :smiley:
It’s one of my intents to do, learn the bass guitar. And once I play some good bass, I’ll probably play hardrock and metal all the way :stuck_out_tongue:
Think Linkin Park, Rammstein, Papa Roach, Puddle of Mudd, Three days Grace, Adema… that kind of stuff.

Charlesworth: You have good taste in music man!

I play electric guitar quite badly as I’m only just starting out with it. My plan is to from a heavy/death/black metal band when/if I feel I’m good enough.

I also play keyboard and mostly use that along with Reason in making dance/techno/trance music on my computer.

I sing in a band currently. For ideas of sound think Cradle of Filth/Slayer/Pantera.

Finally, I’m getting a violin for Christmas.

EDIT: If anybody knows of any good learning material for guitar could you please share?

Bass, Electric, Acoustic guitars, little Keyboards, Self taught.
Whatever you do don’t let me sing.
Many bands.
Just pick whatever up for friends party’s now.
(If they are drunk enough they think I can sing)
Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Black Sabbath, AC/DC.
I don’t feel that old???

Dwarvenfury: classical huh? damn hard… I can play Bach’s bouree now, but that’s it when it comes to my classical skills:P keep going.

Free ality: How long have you been doing what you do?

valarking: I knew about the piano, a vid would be awesome man:D

Tyaedalis: I don’t really care what others think, do you think you’re good? bet y’are

Alvaro: What kind of choir man, classical? churchrelated?

Blenderist: a little, what’s a little?

Charlesworth999: You might wanna add zakk wylde to that list, now that’s some kick…arse music(ehm… just in case icoxo… kansas… cyborg… whatever comes along and gets this locked:P)

new neo: You might want to look for tablature-sites, if you can’t read tablature, I’m willing to teach you… even though it’s a matter of minutes:P.

Meta-androcto: Don’t feel old man, I listen to cotton field blues and classical music, sabbath is still the beginning of metal in general… hendrix, zeppelin… metallica, ac/dc… it’s just great music, so don’t worry about that.:stuck_out_tongue:

Um…probably 2 years, but only 1.5 years seriously(but ive been told im pretty good ;)). Just to add: I seriously like all music. My current playlist consist of some john mayer, three days grace, linkin park, ludacris, Jimi Hendrix…and thats just the start(i listen to a little jazz and classical). Anyway, thats all ive got
PS NEW_NEO: one of the best ways to get good at guitar is to learn tabs(tableture) just google “tabs for___ by ___” and youll get something.
good luck man!

I played first chair trumpet throughout school for about 8 years. Plus took music class through those years as well.

Play a bit of guitar and bass and I am a fairly decent drummer. No where near traitor’s skill level, but I can at least play. :smiley:

I also was lead singer in a rock/punk band for about 3 years. Played some gigs at local bars and did a demo. But that was as far as that got.


I play piano… self taught… and am working on the violin right now… I have been playing piano for probably 8 years now… or so… I mostly compose classical music… but have helped friends compose beats and music for different genres… of rap, rock, and pop… I am not the best at playing… but I play pretty good… and have made over 200 compositions… using my keyboard or the computer program Reason…


Twenty years on electric guitar, and still trying to get the right sound…
I’ve been playing through Behringer products because they are cheaper than Pod and they make it easy to get a good sound at church. I’ve beeen playing at church for about six years, and we play modern/contemporary rock worship music. Acoustic drums on stage with real cymbals, but triggers for the mesh heads.
Started out learning Black Sabbath, and eventually got into Metallica and AC/DC, and later Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble. Hendrix is cool, and Satriani and Vai are big influences. I have learned ne important thing over the years, and that is I’ll never be the same player as somebody else, and it is more important to listen to what’s inside me to let it get out.

Better music that way. Just listen to the greats playing some other great’s music, and you’ll hear what I’m tallking about.

Music writing comes easier than learning note for note, but you have to do both eventually.

Dimebag Darrell was my favorite, just for pure attitude and riffage.
My guitar teachers are all heros because I can see how they come out in their playing. That’s right, I never stop learning from somebody else.

I learnt keyboard during 2 years when I was around 12. Now I’m a singer (see my signature :slight_smile: ), and I also play… computer. I program midi tracks for my band :stuck_out_tongue:
I’d like to play seriously some bass guitar. I’ve started a few months ago but I don’t work enough.
And as a child dream, I’d like to learn drums, but I’ve always lived in flats…

Be well

I’ve been playing piano for about 6 years now, and have composed a few pieces, one or two of which can be found here:

If anybody knows of any good learning material for guitar could you please share?
If you want to learn some theory along with how to sight-read standard music, you might want to check out A Modern Method for Guitar by William Leavitt Volumes 1-3 (published by Berklee Press). I’m not sure of anything for TAB, though…

Thanks DwarvenFury! I’ll check that out.

What’s tablature?