Any Pie Chart generators?

I just made a chart manually (my math sucks and annotation even more!)

source set(N) + source set(N1) = data total
source set(N) data / data total * 100 = percentage
percentage * 3.6 = degrees

and used spin vert degrees for each source set object. I then gave them individual materials as per names of each object/set. Finally I arranged them around a centre point in ascending order clockwise.

How would I do this via script? Is this hard, I have NO clue.

Thanks for advice.

hum i got one but don’t have the url for it

so if no one else find it then pm me and i’ll sent you a copy


does it need to be 3d or 2d? Or doesn’t matter? I sure if it is 2d the math would be easier. Then again once you got the 2d one you could have the script extruded it to make it 3d. I can’t help you much, but curious in the solution.

Is this what you’re looking for?
Just a quick reply so I haven’t tested it…

If you are not stuck on the pie shape, here is a bar graph generator.

ok found the url for the piechart script

this is starting with an xcell sheet with data
this is extracted from the sheet with python then blender does the piechart in 3D
try this site and test it

hope it helps


Thanks so much everyone. Will get right on it.