Any "Pixar" style tutorials?

I’m new to Blender and 3D modeling in general, but have been really inspired by some of the awesome renders created with Blender. My main interest is in animation/cartoon, in particular Pixar style characters. I see a lot of good resources and tutorials around the web that show how to design all kinds of stuff, but I really havn’t found any tutorials that show how to model these type of toons. I’m interested in any resources that might show/explain how to model anything from the robots in Wall-E to the humanoid characters in Up, Incredibles, etc.

Are there any video tutorials either on the internet or for purchase that would lead me in the right direction? I really love the “Starry Night” in the gallery, and while I’ve read through the author’s tutorial, I really could use a step by step video tutorial.

I’m thinking about purchasing some of the DVDs in the eshop on, but I’m not sure if those are too advanced for a beginner/novice like myself.

Thanks for any suggestions!

There is a tutorial for making the eyes:

Might be a good place to start. Good luck!

You may want to look at the ‘cartoon rendering’ tutorial on the tutorials section.

Victor Navone (Pixar Animator) has some awesome stuff on his personal website that I’d suggest you check out. He’s got some great resources & good advice too.

Victor Navone’s Online Gallery

If you’re looking to get an up-close look on how specific characters were designed, I’d try the Google 3D Warehouse

There’s a decent Wall-E over there:

Wall-E @ Google 3D Warehouse

Download Collada & Import him into Blender

mikey - I’m sure that Pixar doesn’t use cartoon rendering in any of their films

Hope this helps - sms