Any place to obtain tech support for blender?

These are the biggest blender forums I can find, and I didn’t see a specific tech forum, so this was my next best judgement.
When I start blender it crashed imediately. I’ve updated all my drivers for motherboard, graphic card, open gl, etc. I have a ATI HD4850 graphics card, and I remember in the past that blender is more difficult to get running on a ATI sometimes. I did a search of the forum, but couldn’t find anything useful.

Support forums are all named support and no, there is no specialized “tech” forum since there aren’t that many tech issues. Among the support forums I’d recommend the Basic and Interface forum.
This being said, what OS are you using?
If it is Linux it is possible that you miss one or more librairies.
Start Blender from a console and read the message for a clue as to what’s missing.


You can often get better search results using advanced Google search limited to “” than you can from the site’s own search engine. Sad but true. The thread that deals with ATI cards and driver problems and getting Blender up and running the first time is Solutions to common problems.

It’s a long thread, and started a couple of years ago, so if your ATI card is a recent model, I’d recommend starting at the end and working your way forward.

you didn’t see thses?
there is a whole section of them. i have an ati card and no problem other than with the apricot game blends, but that is a problem with those specific blends not with blender over all. what makes you think it is the card more than the os? also what version of blender are you useing? what is your os? what are the error messages?

If you are running Blender on windows XP (vista should be fine), don’t forget to download and install the (click for direct link on microsoft webpage) Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x86)
or Look for the link in the ‘windows download’ box here:

I’m getting more help here than I am in the support forums, so I’ll say:

Vista 64-bit
Asus HD 4850 (popular card, someone else here surely has it)
quad core intel 2.4ghz
4 gigs ram
Lastest version of blender 2.47 i believe.

I’ve used google the search the site. This thread is one of the ones it brings up, google is too powerful.

Anyways, I found a few thread, but nobody has give much help with this issue, and nobody has solved it as far as I can tell. I even found one post back in 2003 about at HD 4850; I’m quite sure this card wasn’t available at that time though.

Also I had read the solutions to common problems tread, but it appears to me that most of the information there is at least a couple years old. Guess no blender on this computer. :*(

ATI + Blender, Linux, OGL apps in general = problems.

How about trying 2.46? It’s not that ancient, you know, and it might work…

Vista umm, ok.
Still it is worth it to start Blender from a console.
Use the -d switch, like this : blender -d. It is the debug mode and while Blender will still crash the console will remain open and it will show some useful information as to what happened.

If it is driver related, here’s some tricks that worked in the past :

  • try to start Blender with the -W switch which is for full screen mode. Alt-Tab should still work to access other aps.
  • try to start Blender with the -p 0 0 800 600 switch and arguments. It will start Blender in a smaller window that you can maximize afterward, of course. This is how I manage with my Linux/ATI/Catalyst8 drivers set up.

Hope this or someone else can help.