Any plant generator for linux 64 bit?

I am searching the net for a plant generator that is easy to use for linux 64 bit. But so far I have come empty handed.

Does anyone here know of something i could use? the 3gen doesn’t work. Ivy generator doesn’t work either. ngplant is only for windoze. arbaro is a pov ray thingy that i don’t figure out at the time being. but since its a java program it should work. But don’t know how to install of run it.

While it’s primarily written for POV-Ray, Arbaro can export to DXF and OBJ, both of which Blender supports. To use Arbaro, you need Java 1.4 or higher, which you can get here if you don’t have that already (scroll down until you see JRE).

To run it, just extract the files and execute (double-click?) arbaro.jar or arbaro_gui.jar or, from the command line, and in the arbaro directory, type:

java -jar arbaro_gui.jar

…or you can wait for the tree generator script that will be included in Blender 2.50 (which you can test at GraphicAll).


I have been able to use Plant Studio using wine w/ 32 bit Linux.

ngPlant is not just for windows. Download the tarball and build it.

Wine doesn’t work on 64 bit yet. and I don’t know how to build a program out of a tarball

Did you try Lsystem?


haven’t tried ls system yet. gonna take a look into it.

After swiftly downloading the ls system it works. But there isn’t a self explanatory gui and English ain’t my first language so i don’t know what everything is… but I am gonna play around with it and see what i can come up with.

there’s a short guide at:-

watch out for the iterations button at the end, a high number can take a lot of processing.