Any point to pairing a Titan with a GTX 670 4GB?

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently purchased a Titan, and I’m wondering if there’s any point to pairing it with a GTX 670 4GB, to speed up rendering when the file size is <4GB? I might have to upgrade my psu from a 760W, in order to accommodate both GPUs, so I’d just like to know if there would be a noticeable improvement in speed, or if it would be a total waste of time. Thanks in advance.

Won’t fit if it doesn’t fit in the RAM of the smaller card. However, smaller scenes would get a substantial speedup, and you’d be able to use the 670 for navigation when rendering with just the Titan allowing you to multitask.

I was aware of the vram limitations of the smaller card, but for some reason, an nvidia rep was telling me not to bother installing the 2nd card, since the Titan had so many more cuda cores. I still thought the 670 would help with rendering speed, and as you said, the use of the monitor for multi-tasking while rendering, but he denied those claims. Glad I asked - I guess nvidia needs to brush up on their cycles knowledge! Thanks for the response.

Sounds like the rep was thinking about game performance? They should probably train their reps up on how things like Octane and Cycles work, it’s going to be a big market for them in the future.

Wil do. So far, the thing is a monster!

Good to hear (I think :)). So you haven’t experienced problems exceeding 1.5-2GB vram?

Hmmm…just did some tests, and it looks like I hit a brick wall at the range you stated, at least in cycles. No problems in max/vray, up to 5GB, so there’s nothing wrong with the card. The dreaded 2GB threshold appears to stand.

I’d offer to pay someone to fix this problem - but I think just spent every last cent I have on the Titan in my rig. Anyone know how/when this issue will be resolved (and…if it will be resolved??:eek:)

No regrets buying the card - it’s an animal, but I think the cycles label in the GPU drop-down should be changed to “titan,” instead of the uppercase version, at least until it’s solved:D

Thank you for testing! Yes, it’s a Cycles issue, there are no problems in Octane either.

And yes, I’d be willing to pay to fix it, too.

Hello guys, as I already post in justavisitor`s thread they work on it and it is a patch included on the tracker page.
This patch of the source code should solve the problem.
You have to find someone compiling Blender for you with this patch or compile yourself.
This is not so hard, easy on linux harder on windows, depends of your geekness. :slight_smile:

Cheers, mib.

On a scale of 1-10, I’d rate my geekness at -1.

My art geekness goes to 11, though. :slight_smile:

I could build it and upload for windows 64-bit if anyone is interested

I would be eternally indebted to you if you did - I feel like I basically paid $1K for a suped-up reference 580!

Thanks in advance for the leg work. I’d do it myself, but I can only get about as far as, “Hello World,” and then I’m useless.

I’m interested. You could charge us for it.

Hi, this patch is in trunk now, next daily builds > 60400 should work now with 6 GB of Titan.

This patch will be in 2.69.

Cheers, mib.

Can’t thank you enough for this. The whole reason I purchased the Titan was for the vRAM. The speed is great, but the ram is what I really paid for. You’re a lifesaver - can’t wait to try it!

Hi mib,

Just to clarify, it won’t work with r60385, but it will work with 60400 and up?

Thanks again for putting this together. I was getting worried I’d be a permanent member of the “People who bought a GTX Titan for no apparent reason, to use with Cycles” club.

Just to clarify, it won’t work with r60385, but it will work with 60400 and up?

Yo man.
DingTo post a build, if you cant wait.
This build is patched.

Cheers, mib.

Thanks, mib. I’ll definitely get that running asap. I’ve been dead in the water with a couple of projects I’m working on. I’ve got my fingers crossed! Really appreciate the help on this.

Ah, just checked this thread again, looks like Trunk beat me to it!

Wooohooooo - Looks like the Titan is now running on all cylinders! Thanks for the help, mib.