Any Progress on Touch Computer Limitations (zoom, etc)?

I’ve been struggling with work around for Blender on my Surface Pro, due to lack of support for touch screen gestures. Does anyone know if there is work going on towards any of the basic screen navigation limitations? Even putting a plus and minus tool that can be pinned would be helpful when sculpting! Is there even a glimmer of hope?

Currently I’m experimenting with Tablet Pro hoping to figure on how to virtually emulate the keybd/mouse functionality on the screen. However to avoid tearing my hair out I finally hooked up a Bluetooth keybd and trackball to my beautiful touch PC and so it now sits like a dumb monitor on my table a foot away. :weary: I feel like I’m having to teather my iPhone to an old rotary dial landline. All I want to do is zoom and pan… so basic and yet so far away.