Any quick solution to Retain scene ->re-animate?

Just wondering if anyone has a quick/simple way of re-using a completed/animated(Keyframed) file->and re-animating =deleting existing animation but keeping the meshes?
Thanks for any input:)

Umm, it’s as simple as disconnecting either the Action and/or IPO from the objects by clicking the “X” in the IPO / action editor.

Unless you have something else in mind?


Mike S …ya I thought that was the route to take. Just to make sure…if I have 10 objects moving throughout the animation, I select each individually and delete the IPO’s connected to each?
thanks again

Uhh, yes … sorta :slight_smile:

Clicking on the “X”, doesn’t delete the IPO, it “deletes the link to the datablock” (tooltip), which in english means that the IPO is disconnected from the object. Disconnecting / connecting (by picking the IPO from the popup) means that you can animate one object, then create another object and use the previous Object type IPO for the second object.

To actually delete IPO’s you have to use the “data editor” (SHIFT-F4) and mess with “fake users”. Messy procedure IMO, but if you really want to delete the IPO’s, press SH-F4, navigate to the IPO section, select the IPO’s you want to delete, then press “F” to until the “user count” goes to 0. Save the file then re-open the file. You may have to repeat that procedure a few times until the “user count” goes to 0.