any reason why blender would start crashing suddenly

hello I started having problems with blender 2.53 today for people who care my specks are 512 mb of ddr ram 1.6 ghz single core amd processor ati radeon 9600 the whole rig is about 6 years old built from scratch. 2.49b only crashed every once and a wile 2.5 beta 2 crashed regulartly and 2.53 has never crashed until today, today it crashed 3 times all on really simple tasks, once was switching from object mode to weight paint, once when undoing a bone extrude and once when actual just weight painting. dose any one know what might be causing this to happen?

any scripts running?

I had this issue in the past with 2.49 that at one point something was written into the blend
file that made it crash again and again.

Maybe try this:

append all elements into a new blend file and see if this still crashes Blender.

This trick always worked for me.


thanks i will give this a try. it crashed when i tried to save it before appending it. :stuck_out_tongue:

What is your operating system? I’ve had problems like this, as well, but not so much anymore.

the appended file just crashed after changing the amount of verts in a circle

windows xp

I’ve been having the same issue recently.

2.53 doesn’t seem to clean files out very well. I have sort of thought that older versions removed unused images when it closed the file. I’m noticing that 2.3 isn’t doing that and I am starting to wonder if that might cause issues.

I have been crashing so frequently lately and while doing so many things that its hard to pin point.

Is there a way to manually clean out a file?

It happens to me when i work all day long on a same (usually over 6 Mo) file where i performed many many changes, many many command-Zs and few to many back-n’-forths to the images-to-map file… Then, Blender quits and i have to restart the computer, in order to have my file back stable.
My guess is: some cache overload. But i might be totally wrong here…

EDIT: @TAMcCullough

I was thinking about a “Empty cache” button, somewhere in the UI… As i’m no coder, i wonder if that is even possible to do… :o

i will have to try restarting my computer. the appended file is still unstable

I also had crashes. They were caused by a seg fault. They would happen whenever I would stop or finish a render, every once in a while. Also, I’ve purpously enabled “Free Textures” in the render menu before, only to have it crash after rendering, but before compositing.

You might try downloading blender 2.53 again from

The main thing, though, is to get your data back. First, go to the directory that you saved the file that you want to recover. Then, look for the file in question, and see if you can find a file with exactly the same name, but with a number at the end. If the file you want to recover is “main.blend”, look for “main.blend1” or “main.blend2”. These may not be your project as it was in the original file, but it’s something. If that doesn’t work, try to go to the temp save directory that Blender uses. By default, in Windows, it’s “C: mp”. If you go in there, there will probably be some blender files. The thing is that you need to look through all those files for the one your after.

I can echo pretty much everything I’ve heard in regard to crashes, and add one more. after having 2.53 running for a while, and switching between several files (I wasn’t actually editing anything, just opening and looking for sorting reasons.) I then got distracted and left blender open on the default scene for a while in the background. after some time blender stopped responding and crashed. it took me by surprise as I was using my browser at the time and the dialogue had to show up on top that.

but yeah, I’d yet to see any rhyme behind the crashes and hadn’t really know how to cause it to happen, but what you all have said sounds like it could possibly match.

Ok thanks for all the help and I was able to restore most of my file. I plan on building a new top o the line computer early next year and that will stop all the memory crashes (hopefully)

On a new computer the memory will still clog up from time to time. In 2.5 we (Durian team) requested something to help a bit with file size management / garbage collection. If you shift click the ‘X’ to remove a datablock like a texture or a material for example it will force removal on next save much like how 2.49 removed unused datablocks on save. 512mb of ram for 2.5 is a bit slim though, so until your new machine it probably helps to optimise the scene/file fairly regularly. Pehaps a new file and append the data across every so often?