Any recommended books for getting started with unity?

So, I’ve been weighing out pro’s and cons for a while, and I know that parts of the blender community is pretty tight nit with the unity community. I was wondering if anyone here knew of any good books about getting started with unity from scratch. Hopefully somewhere around the $27-40 price range. I know there’s tutorials and stuff online, I just prefer learning from a book.

(also just trying to find alternatives to the blender game engine considering the amount of content for learning it is a bit abysmal. although I did order this book so I could learn more. It’s delayed, mostly for the changes in the game engine which is both good, and bad.)

You said from scratch so I’m assuming you have no knowledge of Unity at this point at all. Did you download the free version or did you go ahead and buy the professional version?

If you’re using the free version I recommend going through some basic tutorials before you put too much monetary investment in it unless you definitely plan on upgrading so you can make sure it will do everything you need it to.

I dabbled in Unity for a couple of weeks and I thought it was a gift from Heaven. Much faster than doing everything through a C/C++ IDE, you don’t have to write out code to convert a mesh into a collision mesh, all sorts of good stuff. Then I found out that the free version doesn’t support real time shadows, full screen effects, or render to texture, all things I absolutely need. If I would have bought training books, knowing I would likely never have the $1500 to upgrade, those books would just be collecting dust on my shelf while I went back to Ogre.

So unless you’ve already bought the professional version or you’re absolutely 100% positive you will in the future I’d recommend utilizing the free resources and if it does everything you need then buy the books, if there are any available.

In addition to Unity specific books I also recommend ordering some on game design. Game Design Secrets of the Sages taught me a lot (until I left it in a motel room in another state) and the copy I had is a bit dated now but I think they update it every few years.