Any resource out there for a stealth shader like this one?

If a resource shader like the one shown in the video exists or if someone can make one like it, I would be grateful. I don’t care if the shader is a per-object GLSL script, post-process GLSL script, or by Blender’s real-time GLSL material nodes.

maybe that help for you? im understand this is not full x-ray shader but this good solution for start

Unfortunately that video does not help produce the mechanic I am trying to make. The tutorial is simply a view mask, not an occluder/backface-culling mask + outline shader.

That video doesn’t produce the exact mechanic, but is a step on the right direction. It’s just a matter of getting creative. Like using the inverted shadow to mask the outline material.
It’s not perfect, but it is pretty close:

X-ray-outline-nodes.blend (636.7 KB)

The Unity method uses the stencil buffer to mask the material, but I don’t know if said buffer can be used at all in BGE, querying the stencil bits returns 0.


The method is still lamp dependent… But it’s the best solution so far.