Any Rig To Rigify

Any Rig to Rigify

What is Any Rig to Rigify?

Any Rig to Rigify is the add-on for the simple and hassle-free non-destructive conversion of rigs to Rigify

  • No messing with Blender’s metarig, it’s created automatically (you can tweak it later and regenerate Rigify if you want to)
  • One-click - map your bones and click “Generate Rigify
  • Option to create your bone mappings

How to install?

The installation procedure is the same as for other Blender add-ons.

  1. Go to Edit > Preferences… > Add-ons
  2. Click Install…
  3. Select downloaded .zip archive any-rig-to-rigify .zip
  4. Click the check box to activate the add-on

How it works?

  1. Select your rig

  2. Select the mapping or map the bones

  3. Click “Generate Rigify”

Congratulations! Now the Rigify rig is created and it drives the imported rig!

Get it here: