any sites that has a good amount of human photo reference that I can use?

preferebly front and back.

just name a few.:slight_smile:

You can use flickr, or deviantart…

I’ll check it out thanks :slight_smile:

still open for any other suggestions :slight_smile:

why dont you get a camera get some friends zoom far in and make those references on your own?

That is actually not that difficult and learning that trade is a good thing, it saves time and helps
you to be more in control!

lol…yeah I guess you’re right…

Such things teach you to observe. Even as you consider just what to include in your reference photographs, you are observing. And that’s a whole lot of what “depicting something” really comes down to: you observe, and then you select from what you observed, and then you find a way to represent it.

I remember reading a book on drawing the human figure which challenged the reader to draw “a compellingly beautiful flat-chested woman, in her clothes.” In other words, you were to completely omit her :eek:s. You were challenged to observe, and depict, everything else. Which, of course, is exactly the opposite of what has become pastiche in computer graphics today… where nobody seems to care that “Zelda Buxomus Maximus, the Amazon Warrior Queen (or something like that)” would fall over (but only slightly…) if she actually existed. :spin: