ANY skeleton meshes?

hi im working on a pirates of the caribbean spoof for a some what of a school project my friends who are going to be in it are going to Vietnam for the summer and there filming there and they got the bout and everthing and since im the only one they know that does CGI they asked me and i said yes so ya the rest is just blah blah blah blah… but any ways for one of the scenes there needs to be a skeleton and i already have dones of stuff to model and im afraid to even try and model a skeleton … cuz ya it looks very hard and it s not that i cant do it its just i have to get most of the FX including the CGI ( modeling texturing animating ext.) and its a 30-45 minute film and it needs to be done by september and im not getting the footage to work with till like 3 weeks before so… i was wondering if any one already had a skeleton model or know where i can get 1? or even model one for me? ( and im just asking for help im not a pro or part of a big company im getting paid nothing so sorry if my gramer isnt good enough or what ever im just asking for a lil help)


come on any 1?

Given your time constraints, thismay be your best bet. You can pose it or animate it in Daz Studio (which is free) with a monochrome background and save the images as jpegs to use in compositing with your live footage.

um… u have to pay for that and theres no buget and ive used daz before and ya the differecne between the blender render and the daz render will be to big so… help!

You are more likely to get a few more responses
if you spell properly. Try looking on the Blender model


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"Hi, my name is Fabio. I’m going to be working on a film with my friends, who are currently shooting in Vietnam. I think the film is going involve a lot of skeletons. I’m doing the 3d graphics for the film, and modelling a skeleton seems quite challenging so I need your help. (now break the lines to separate these two paragraphs succesfully)

Does anyone know where to find a good skeleton model? Even better, could someone be so helpful that he/she could model me one - if it’s not too much work? It’s not commercial so I won’t get any money from it. So if you decide you can do it, you’ll not get ripped off. Thanks for for all the replies!"

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I found one here:

It is in .max format which you can import into Blender… or can you? I couldnt even open that in 3dsmax (got a student lisence).

You cant open that in Blender, you can only open .3ds not .max. You need to open it in Max and save it to another format. As far as I know there aren’t any freeware 3D converters that can handle .max. The only converter I know of that can directly convert .max models is Polytrans but even that application requires an installed version of Max to get that feature to work. But Polytrans is a commercial app, I’m not even sure if its still being developed.

is there a way to get this for blender?

I’m working on a skeleton model myself right now-it’s not finished, but I’m planning to finish it sometime this month. If you think it’s good enough for your purposes I’d be happy to send you the .blend.
The WIP thread for it is here:

I think your best bet is to appeal to a 3D Max user and ask him/her to convert the model from Max to .obj