Any smoke's support for GE ?

Greetings to all !

I’m thinking to add somoke/fog to my mesh… the question is:
smoke simulator is implemented to the game engine or you have to use a simple white alpha mesh to creat it ?


“fog” is built-in and named “Mist” ( in the World buttons, Mist panel), but its quite basic!In GLSL mode you can have a more sophisticated one ( see YoFrankie tuts!
Smoke is usually faked with Alpha Textured planes and Add Object Actuator!
Check the Resources forum.

Thanks for answer OTO.

But what I wanted to say is if the smoke generator has been released with the 2.5, I would be able to use it in the game engine for represent fog/smoke, and take advantage of its simulations on real time ?

Like at nvidia demo: water and smoke or something similar.

No, you can’t do the smoke generator in-game. However, if you look in my signature, I did Real-time volumetric smoke based on Salvador Mata’s volumetric smoke tutorial.