Any software to stitsch and blend photos together?

I have a series of photos, of a scene, that I want to piece together. Like a seamless puzzle, to make one huge picture.

Is there software that can do some or all of the following:

  • Anti-Alias and feathered edging
  • rotation correction
  • lens distortion correction

You might try hugin, a GUI for Panotools that includes what you’re asking for. It’s at

Google Autopano Pro - there’s a demo version of the algorithmn it uses at

it’s automatic for the most part, and the commercial version is dirt cheap. (Although I used the proof of concept software for a while before I needed the extra functionality).

One nice feature of the commercial version is the ability to “stitch” several different exposures of a static shot into a HDR. It also does tone mapping and colour correction in both 8-bit and HDR.



Panorama Factory 1.6 is freeware and it is a proffesional app.

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another vote for autostitch. It’s the best panorama tool I’ve used.

Photshop CS has a feature. Autostitch works very well.