Any Solution for filling this areas? :(

Hello friends… :grinning:

So i had a model that i needed to cut from middle. I did it with a boolean tool (i put a cube on one half) and and made the cut. But now the model hast some open areas around it and i have to close them. (Red arrows) When i select all the edges around the gap (so many N-Gons) and I hit F, it just messes up everything. :cold_face:

Do you know what is the proper way to close these gaps? :sneezing_face:

Thank you for your help in advance :blush:

Instead of hit F with all the edges at once.
Have you try hit F with partial edges, and close the gaps gradually?

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(Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?
Yes, it is. Now, let me post.)

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ALT+F doesn’t do anything for me… :frowning:

well thats going to take a loooong time because the mesh is really messy, i thought maybe there is an alternative way to do it that i am unaware of

there is a tool call bisect that fill in the cross section if needed in the option tool panel

did you try it ?

happy bl

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Try this: select two paired sequences of edges, then ctrl-f “grid-fill”
Given they are boundary edges, you can do shift-ctrl-alt m

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Try to fill that with that n-gons and then triangulate.

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There’s no workaround solution for this. Sometimes boolean operations mess up with your meshes, you should be careful when using it.

Try to partially select the edges of the gap and create ngons to fill the gap…

Also, see if you can use the same boolean operation to create an intersection of those pieces, which would give you faces that you could use to fill the gap. But I’m not sure if that is possible really…



Hit F (fill) and then Ctrl + T (triangulate faces).
“F” fills and closes everything with a N-Gon (sometimes looks good but sometimes looks messy and you need to divide it).

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I can’t believe no one has mentioned bridge edgeloops!

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Bridging edgeloops requires two edgeloops. He has one.

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Technically, bridge edge loops can but is not often used with actual edge loops, and OP has none in the designated areas.

The tool can bridge two sets of edges with different amount of vertices, and is a suitable tool to help fill those areas. Might not be able to do it in one go, but that wasn’t suggested.

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You can bridge edge loops in a perfect circle, just deselect 2 edges. Voila, 2 separate edge loops, clean up the remainder. I made a video about this, I realized the audio was way too quiet, but I’ll post it anyways. I’m keeping it unlisted (can only find it via this link, not listed on main channel)

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Hey man! Thank you so much for the video! It was very informative and interesting to watch :slight_smile: Yes the mesh I have is a huge cluster but unfortunately, this is the file that I was given to work on for a company and it was done in Solidworks. So it is impossible for me to just hold down Alt and select the edges (As you mentioned) to let you know how worse it is, there are so many doubles and non-manifold parts too and I should not remove doubles because it will ruin the geometry :smiley: So for the edges not only i have to zoom in and select one by one but in order to fill them in, usually I have to go back and find the doubles and merge the verts as well… :sneezing_face::face_with_head_bandage:

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Glad you found it helpful :slight_smile: sorry to hear about the circumstance with the mesh.

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