Any Substance Painters here that do Hand-Painting? I have a question where I need help

I am posting this question here because I do not know if I will ever get a reply from the three Substance Painter Forums I have posted to…and the Blender Artist Forum is where I have had the most luck with constructive replies to my problems.

I am taking the Substance Painter Launch Pad course by CG Boost which is very detailed but it mostly has to do with using materials and such on objects. I primarily need to learn the ins and outs of hand painting with this program as Blender 3.4 still does not do a very good job in texture painting,

I am trying to hand paint a dog, a lad-beagle mix. Very organic. When I start painting in Substance painter I have the Basic Soft Tool brush and in the Properties Paint panel I have access to the “Base Color” with the color bar beneath it (initially it shows white) When I click on the white bar it brings up the color square with the HSV sliders and the eyedropper. I can then also use the “I” hotkey to select an existing color from my object or from a reference image on my computer screen.

My problem is when I select a brush, like Blur" which has no color and then go back and select the Basic Soft brush I was using before, I no longer have the Base Color in the Properties-Paint panel and the Basic Soft brush no longer paints on my object.

I don’t know how to get the Base Color to show again and I cannot figure out why any paint brush I pick no longer makes a mark (brush stroke) on my object. I know I am missing something totally simple here but I cannot figure it out. And there are almost no decent hand painting tutorials on Substance Painter that I can find anywhere on the internet.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Switching to the blur brush also switches the active tool to smudge. You got to switch it back to a paint brush.-

Once you switch it back you should be able to see your color settings again in the brush attributes.

Thank you Dan2. That was it. I was looking everywhere but in that side panel. Can’t thank you enough!

The Blender Artists forum is by far the best forum I have ever been on. And at 74 I have been on a few forums for many different apps.

Thanks again!

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I’m very glad I could help. Also, hats off to you, learning new things at 74!

They probably should make it switch back to the brush tool when selecting regular brushes. Let’s hope this will be the year when we get layered textures in Blender.

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Thanks Dan2