Any success with NetRender?

Has anybody actually got NetRender to work yet? I setup 2 PCs (each Intel 3.0 GHz Core2Quad) exactly according to the Wiki instructions. The master, two slaves, and client could all see each other. Great. I saved my very simple file, sent the job, and started a render… which took 9 minutes before the image appeared in the client. What’s more, the second PC (acting as Master and one slave) never showed any processor activity, despite the master monitor showing it had received the job. So it seems the second PC never actually did any of the work. It all seemed a bit slow, so I then used just one of the PCs using normal local rendering, and it took 26 seconds to complete the same job!

So, has anybody actually got NetRender to successfully max out two or more PCs and actually reduce the render time for a job? The easy automatic network detection is brilliantly simple, but when it comes to doing the work I have never got NetRender to work properly.