any suggestions?

I’ve got about 5 days on this and Im reaching my limit. Anything I can do to make it look better or more realistic? I suppose its a matter of taste but Im not really expeiranced in doing this. I could probably tweak it forever, but I dont know. Is there a dif from useing a regular armature or what does the hinge button do? I might want to make some movements strict. I dont want to bend a knee and have everything around it bend. Thanks.


get rid of the default background!
Its good, but not quite there yet, I think if you chg the bgd it will help. Other than that, just maybe add more details. Think of how a robot is made. In pieces, make it how you would construct it in real life.

Thanks C_sander. I knew that background thing was comin. I slapped a background on it but didnt light it properly. Probably hard to light on a dark background, but anyway thanks for your good advice. I


I can see right through his head. I dunno if it’s intentional, but I’d expect a robot to have more brains. :slight_smile:

the hinge makes the bone not inherit the rotation from the parent

ie. if you make the head bone a “hinge”
when you rotate the neck - the head will stay facing forward