Any suggestoins on slicing an edge loop through this kind of box?

Obviously the geo is uneven here so the edge loop terminates. What’s Blender’s quickest solution to things like this. I also want to split it down the middle vertically but it’s the same story that way.

Stay away from ngons or clean them as earlier as possible. In this kind situation use the knife tool and put the view port in orthogonal view so the grid will be your guide.

thank. Yeah I wondered how forgiving Blender would be. In 3ds max there’s this tool that will just slice right through everything. Wondered if Blender had it.

you mean slicing through Ngons? if yes then Blender does not have it when " loop cutting". The knife tool is pretty powerful, give yourself the time to learn to use it, it will help a lot.

Use knife while holding Ctrl

There is also the Bisect tool, you can adjust its accuracy through its menu.

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The Bisect tool.

cool, I’ll check out the biscect tool, thanks :slight_smile:

As an alternative to the knife tool you can use my connect edges addon here: Connect Edges