Any support for .x ?

I was wondering if there were any Blender support at all for .x (directX) models? Perhaps even via a workaround where it is first exported to one format and then reconverted (oh my god I am asking for a headache there…). Just wondering as I wouldnt mind using Blender with DarkBASIC if at all possible… it’s an outdated but easy to use language. Yes, the python learning is coming slow for me haha. :smiley:

I highly doubt it, unless someone made or does make an addon. But still highly unlikely. You can ask around though maybe someone will make one. I think this is better suited for general Blender discussion though. :cool:

For the game engine, nope. Your options are:

  1. Write an importer that would:

> Start off with a template model that has a maximum number of faces that your game will be able to import (say, 1000).
> Read the vertex and face information from the .x file and rearrange each triangle in the template model accordingly, copying the UV and normal information as well.
> And finally, use the bge.texture module to load in the texture that the .x file references / has access to / shares the name of.

  1. Do something to convert .x files to .blend files, though note that this would require Blender to work. If you plan on exporting a runtime for other people, then they would have to have Blender. You might be able to do this if you compile Blender as a Python module, but I don’t know how or if it would even work.

Or lastly,

  1. Just ask the user to import it and save the file as a blend file. You can LibLoad these in using Python fairly easily, and animation, material, and texture data will be transferred fairly simply as well (I believe).

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Blender supports Direct X file formats, it’s even in Blender’s built-in Addons, just search for it. (As expected of Blender)