Any Surface Pro 4 users here?

Is anybody here using a surface pro 4?

If yes I am curious how WIN 10 deals with the touch interface meaning pen input and gestures by hand.

Can you easily zoom rotate in Blender via two finger movements and sculpt with the pen?

Does it do palm rejection well?

IIRC, at least from the BCon15 streams, multi-finger touch gestures were not handled in Blender with the Surface Pro 3 (even though they apparently work for other stuff on that machine), so I’m guessing that they are still not available with the 4. Daniel/pepeland might know more about the other stuff (e.g. palm rejection, etc.), since he uses that a lot for his Grease Pencil tests.

Personally, I’ve been eyeing up a Surface Book as a travel/presentations machine.

Hi, this is part of the GSOC 2016 ideas:

Cheers, mib

What about other graphic apps and touch gestures?

I worked on an iPadPro doing concept sketches and I never wanna go back to mouse keyboard and a Wacom Stylus…

that’s the thing I was most impressed by with my surface 2 pro, how good it handled disabling the touch when using the pen. I can rest the hand against the screen w/o registering touch events.

it w0z nice, I even did a half ass attempt at a python script to get large buttons in the toolbar so you could sit and draw with the tablet , cuz the only thing missing is like basic stuf as samling colors, move canvas, and zoom. (with no keyboard attached)

Using SP3 (i5 8GB)… 1 year already.

Krita runs great.
Blender with a little help of TabletPro… 2.77 feels much better as sliders have better control (values not going into extremes as with previous versions). Rarely using BT keyboard (bought it without).

It has replaced sketchbook (pen&paper) on the go…

Things i miss:
sim card, antiglare/matte display, ergonomic handling (as with an artistic palette) // as i love draw standing or laying back… without a need for desk, table…
could be a bit thicker with longer battery life and better cooling

Now my choice would be Cintiq Companion 2 (because it works on the go or as a plugin device) // need to figure out how to use Surface as a controller for a workstation

if you’re into customizing & scripting
check AutoHotKey

Also Touch (tested Mudbox) is not that necessary as one can get more things done and better user experience with specifically customized / personalized GUI. So easier GUI modifications of buttons, palettes and tabs would be a much better step toward an ease of use.

Maybe also added ability to utilize the gyro sensors for navigation in 3d space with optional lock.

@ Burning,

I work mainly in industrial design and when I do sketches you can work pretty fast in SketchBookPro with using a mouse/Wacom Stylus.
But when you want to use the guides, they often have 2 to 4 control points to work with, I noticed that I am much faster on the iPad with
one of my apps there. Two fingers will move scale and rotate the ellipse template all at once. Same with the other guides.

I am quite curious if software makers will include also that type of gesture interaction considering the trend MS started with offering
a touch interface in the OS and the SP. In Spain at the computer show many competitors also came out with their touch laptop tablets.

I have two students with a surface pro 3 and they rather hate the fact that in illustrator the touch and pen interface often leaves random
lines done by the palm touch. Obviously an Adobe issue.

^Yup, some soft have such issues… just a hint to use a glove, piece of cloth or something similar (anti static, microfiber cloth works best, thou cotton, flax, cannabis… natural stuff is nice too). Special gloves are also available to buy from $15 up (smudgeguard, dokiglove…). I also use rulers, stencils & compass to help me with sketching, drawing. Am stranded in mixed use of digital and analog tools.
Students nowadays could be more resourceful, smarter & happier rather than perplexed to hate :wink: Life is a karmic challenge.

cek at least one of your students is probably good at programming. perhaps you are seeing a need that you could fill, a business oportunity for an app. maybe your roadblock is actually a chance to make some money and provide a helpful service at the same time. and if you dont make it blender specefic make it something you start before starting blender it could solve your adobe problems too. maybe use a real time tracker and ignore all pixils with tracks too short or too long, accidental brushes, or palm resting.

Programming me or my students hahahaha - it was already painfully hard for me to learn python scripting for Blender’s UI.

This are good suggestions but I actually feel the OS should support that natively.

The amount of accident on iOS is actually pretty low.
Otherwise the combo of gestures and pen at the same time while resting your drawing hand on the display works actually good.

However that glove is a cool idea for making your drawing hand slide flawless. If you sketch fast on my iPad or Wacom it does not matter.
But when you draw a little to slow you skin can stick. I never thought about a using a glove for this.

Just wondering if anyone has pressure sensitivity working on their Surface Pro 4? Seems to work in some other apps. There was also an old locked thread about this when n-trig first came about. But I don’t think any of that applies. Hopefully someone can help. Love the idea of doing light work on this Surface Pro.

Hi, i use a surface pro 4 and want to learn more about blender for 2 d animation in 3d presective.
Are there any good links or tips…


I’m using the latest gen Surface Pro (2018?) and I’m really looking forward to using the SP with the v2.8 grease pencil!

Unfortunately, so far I can’t get Blender to recognize any pressure from the SP stylus?

I’m hoping there will eventually be a solution, because it would be crazy to have to plug in an external drawing tablet just to draw with pressure while using Blender!

Any pointers or suggestions are absolutely appreciated!

Never having reported a Blender bug before, any pointers on where / how to get this noticed by the development team is also appreciated.


you might have to find the wintab drivers and install them. Search on google for them (surface pro wintab drivers)

OMG, Thank you SO MUCH, you saved my v2.8 Grease Pencil drawing experience!

I had to install the WinTab_x64 version from that page, restarted Blender and the pressure was working similar to my Huion at work!

Thanks again for your help!


How is that Huion performing?

Hi Cekuhnen, I actually bought the G10T for work, so it sits mostly unused, when I pulled it out to test the GP and saw that wasn’t working either, I got worried, but after updating the drivers and having the pressure finally work, I knew it was a similar problem with the Surface Pro.

It’s a very nice tablet, I definitely like it.

I have a Wacom at home for my desktop, which I actually haven’t tested yet w/Blender either LOL!

I have absolutely no drawing skills, but I was hoping to put in more time, practice and learn with v2.8 and the Grease Pencil!