Any Tablet PC users here?

I broke down and ordered a new convertible laptop last week, with the Wacom screen & stylus. It’s a Gateway C140X. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, I am wondering how it will be for using Blender, I think the pen will be useful for sculpting and of course texture painting, but Blender is a very keyboard-driven app, so how do I go about using it when my PC is in tablet mode and I don’t have access to the keyboard? Does anybody else here use a tablet PC for Blender?

as far as i know all the commands that you use your keyboard for
are also in the menus if you look for it
get a micro portable keyboard or number pad

I prefer using tablet PC with Blender. I actually have an HP Tx1120us tablet PC but it has a touch screen. The Tx1120us comes with a stylus but you can use your finger. The big disadvantage is that the cursor doesn’t hover like with a Wacom based tablet PC. In other words, with the Tx1120us the stylus has to touch the screen for the cursor to move but this is a left mouse click and drag operation. The stylus doesn’t have a right click button so you have to hold down the stylus for right click or click the right mouse button on the finger pad. I think touch screen is the ultimate interface to Blender in the future - kind of like the i-phone but on a larger screen. Of course hologram is better but a intuitive, multi-finger touch screen PC would be portable, low cost, and more practical than any thing else. I really like using a tablet PC because I don’t have to sit at a table or desk and use a mouse. Back to your question, with a tablet PC you are much more mobile - you can recline on a nice couch if you want. But Blender does pretty much require the keyboard to be handy.

Thanks guys. Yeah, a separate num pad might be useful for changing view. And how would I go about rotating my view? Normally it’s with the middle mouse button but I’m not sure that my stylus has a button for that. At least I know that the mouse gestures will work for grabbing/scaling/rotating objects.
Speaking of touch screens, have you ever seen those big interactive whiteboards that let you tap the screen? Pretty cool, imagine using blender with that! :smiley:

the number pad can rotate the view
change views
view from camera zoom in out
isolate selected
zoom to selected
and i think you can hold ctrl+numbpad to give you the oposite views like
top would be bottom
if you hit 4 8 6 2 it rotates the view
if you hit 5 it toggles perspective and orthograpic view
period is zoom to selected
0 is view from camera

  • and - is zoom in and out
  • is change view to local axis of selected

Yeah i know how the num pad works. Actually I am thinking that it would be cool to get a Space Navigator since it works with Blender and I can use it with other programs too like photoshop. And it only costs $50 for the personal edition, which is not bad. :yes:

I’m using Lenovo X61 Tablet.

I’m using software keyboard/tenkey-pad when I input some text or chainging 3D view.

most tablets now a days have a USB port in them so you can plug in a keyboard.

Blender also uses gestures for some of the operations.

If you dont want to use a full size keyboard you can get a numeric keypad and re-map the keys to the ones you most commonly use.

even at my desktop system, it is awkward using my intuos and my keyboard at the same time.

You can also get a game pad, and use the joymouse software, I have mine Velcro-ed to the top of mytablet where my left hand holds it… not the most comfortable situation, but I have all my common Zbrush keys mapped to it, and I have an alternate configure file for my Blender.
I still am reaching over to my keyboard all the time tho…

Hey I found out that Vista supports “pen flicks” which I guess are similar to Blender’s gestures, so I can make custom gestures for various commands. So that might be useful! My laptop was shipped yesterday, huzzah!! :smiley: Edit: Here’s also a free program I found for making mouse gestures, maybe this too would work.