Any Texture Paint Experts?

Hello to the Blender universe;

I have been working on a model of a car that has two distinct colors, but the second color does not follow any body lines, so I can’t simply select the appropriate faces to apply the color.

I have been making a mask for the second color, which in tests does work (in Blender internal), but my problem is making the mask itself.

I’m using a mouse to control the circular “brush”, and I’m unable to make the sharp-edged lines I need. I don’t have a stylus or pad, I’m not an artist. Also, if I do one side is there a way to copy and mirror the mask? You can see the wavy lines in the screen capture.

Can any experts suggest tips or tricks for good clean edges? Are there other brushes? This is my first attempt at texture painting. Should I be looking at the Gimp for this (please not another program to learn)?

Thanks in advance!


I wouldn’t do that in Blender’s texture paint since it’s a sharp decal.
It would be really easy to do that with vectors in photoshop. I suppose Gimp has a vector tool as well.

I would set up a blank texture for your UV image, then use a small red brush to mark points as reference to use when you open in your image editing program. In the Toolshelf in Texture Paint mode, you can choose different curves for your brush to get a better control there.

About mirroring - once you get a map correct, you can make a seam all along the middle and then when unwrapping, overlay both sides on the same space - you may need to scale the island -1X or Y to get it to line up with the other.

@Ben_Lind and @Craig Jones, thanks for your suggestions. I will take a closer look at Gimp.