Any tips for maintaining pivot points?

If im making a rig turn while mid step in a walk, it usually doesnt want to keep the pivot point of the toes that are still on the ground. it’s always slightly drifting around. Ive changed the interpolation to linear which helps a bit. im using pivot center > 3d cursor, with the cursor applied to whichever part i want the model to pivot around.

heres an example. thats not how it rotated to get into the postiion, so why does it do that all the time?

When you insert a keyframe for a bone, the only thing that gets recorded is where the bone is on that frame. It doesn’t matter how you got the bone into that position or what pivot point you used. Try keying something that rotates 180 degrees about the 3D cursor and you’ll see the issue quite clearly.

In order to animate a character turning, you must take advantage of the IK bones which you have already been using to make the walkcycle. Animate the “base” bone rotating into position, then animate each foot taking the appropriate steps in turn. Don’t try to do this with the root bone or you’ll give yourself a headache.

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too late about the headache. shame i cant do it with the root bone, that would make things simpler. thanks for the info!