any tips for my gun texture?(im newbie)

any tips for my gun texture?(im newbie)

hey there :cool:
i made a gun but the gun is kind of like sci fi gun which we don’t have in this earth:mad:
how do i texture it
i can’t uv map it cuz i don’t have the gun image:no:
the gun is made seperately;)
i can’t find:confused: any tutorial on how to texture sci fi gun(or you may say future gun)
i want to make my own texture for gun but how(i use gimp 2 im newbie in gimp too)
well can anyone suggest tutorial for me or can you tell me how to…:RocknRoll:


You can -and have to- UV map your gun. Go in Texture Paint mode, use photo references of real gun, and paint it. It’s that easy. Gimp, you can use it for minor texture work, like changing the hue, or things like that. Get creative.

Thank you :slight_smile:

If it’s sci-fi, then decide about the material first. Is it steel, iron, fiber, plastic or rubber? This will make your work easier. For metal use 50% gray as base and add up color, spec, scratches etc.
Any basic texturing tutorial covering metal/fiber/plastic material for hard surface is good enough for you to create your own textures.
By the way, UV map doesn’t need any kind of actual world sample. it is a way to flatten your 3d object on 2d Plane.
If having problem. upload your blend file on for a look.