Any tips for someone moving from Cinema 4D to blender?

Pretty fascinated with blender so far and it’s free but it’s somewhat hard for me to wrap my head around it.

It’s different from other programs so forget what you know about C4D for starters and treat it as completely new. Adapt previous knowledge later once you’ve checked how things go in Blender, without assumptions. It starts from the basics and these should help to smooth the road

I’m doing the transition bit now - try and take a forget pill as suggested above. Embrace the reversed select mouse buttons and you will find it ok. I wrapped up all my C4D stuff and hid it in the attic! Plenty of tutorials and tips on-line are available.
It is probably just me, and this statement my be heresy but, unless the tutorial is on something you want to do, I find trying to do what I want to do and looking in the reference material for techniques got me started faster. Then the tutorials are easier to work through.
One problem with Blender’s rapid evolution is that some of the older material available is geared to the earlier GUI and is IMHO not worth much.

Good luck and you and your wallet will love it.

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

there are some good intro videos at cgcookie
that can give you the basics of blender

and you can always ask questions on forums here!

so good luck
and have fun with blender

happy bl