Any tips on creating a page turn effect?

I had orginally posted this on the Animation but this one seems to be a bit more active…any help appreciated…

My question: How do I create an effect which looks like a page being lifted at one corner and turned over, leaving the other side face-up at the end?

Some background: I’m thinking about how I might create an effects plugin for Vegas Video (a video compositing app) which would allow Blender to be used for speacial effects in a similar way to Borris Red and Hollywood FX. In these systems, the host compositing app launches en external effects app with the selected video tracks. As part of my analysis, I’m trying to see where the limitations are by trying to emulate common effects … one of which is the “page peel” where one video track is “peeled away” to reveal another underneath.

Any thoughts?

I see you just joined, so I’ll have to assume that you don’t have a lot of experience with blender. If that’s the case, you shoud check out the documentation available at and tutorials available here and elsewhere. Lots of good discussions in the Animation forum also.

There are 2 main methods of animation I can see that might apply to this. My first thought was to use vertex keys to warp the page and setting rotation keys on the page to do the actual turning/rotation of the page. It would be easier to rotate the page if you set the “center” of the object (Editing (F9) panel) to the page edge with the Center Cursor button.

You could also use an armature to do this, but I suspect that this would be harder than a rot/rvk method like above. In either case you’ll need to subdivide the page several times to get good results. A page with just 4 vertices in it won’t deform very well.

This shouldn’t be all that tough once you get a handle on blender’s animation system, but its not a very easy task to start out learning blender.