Any tips on Good reptilie Texture?

Hey, I got Moved form 2.79 to 2,8 this month and i have already come up with some amazing stuff,

and im currently working on a new Project known as Drago 51 and i wanna be even Better at makeing Scaley creatures and characters looking good with shaders and such, so im just asking for some help here to a few good tips in doing so,

That’s a nice cartoony dragon…

I’m not sure how realistic you should make the textures on such a cartoony character. Nintendo doesn’t texture Yoshi.
I’m not sure about the head being a different colour to the back.
Personally, I’d like to see what this guy looks like completely untextured.
Right not the eyes are pure cartoon.
As are the boots.

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OK than, I shall know that for next time for when i work on Yossi´s modle,
But i mostly made this because i wanna be reayd when i make this in blender 3D

How are you combining textures at the moment? Is it vertex colours or the colours or what?

As you’ve shown in the image on your last post, reptiles can have some pretty intricate patterns on them.

One option would be to texture-paint a colour pattern, and then combine it with a scale pattern - the scales will multiply by the colours, provide bump and perhaps glossyness/matalicness maps, the colours provide the colours.

You’ve got me flicking through photos of lizards now… and the scales vary between species quite a bit, but they tend to be more precisely positioned around the head.

I also found this:

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i´ll give it a go when i work on my dragon model as im going for a Lizard like skin,
Thanks mate for the Youtube link