Any tips or tutorials for rigging a hand that forms a fist correctly?

Has anybody successfully done this? Could you post pics? It’s pretty difficult.


This isn’t that hard. Here’s a good tutorial on rigging a hand:

The thing to watch for is the bone rolls on the fingers, and you need to lock some of their axes do they don’t twist in awkward directions.

Most of those vids on YouTube don’t show a fully closed fist and when they do, there are a lot of problems. This is what I’ve managed to do.

Obviously, at the end you can see major problems since it looks like a mitt and there aren’t knuckles, I can maybe fix that with some more geometry or with shape keys. The big issue for me is the way the fingers rotate where they meet palm. The hand matches my real hand perfectly from the top and bottom, not the side, I didn’t do the side. So the proportions are mostly accurate. In a real hand, the whole knuckle area comes down too. I hope this pic explains the cause of problems.

Rotating fingers at the wrong pivot point I show in the pic causes all sort of problems. i’m still working on properly rotating the whole knuckle area (see picture).