Any tips with lighting?

hey guys!
so today i have a question regarding lighting, i’m creating a simulator, and I would like to make the lighting more realistic, any tips on how to improve this:[ATTACH=CONFIG]183100[/ATTACH]

the main problem is that weird curved “shadow”

I think the problem is that your cylinders are capped, and the normals are being smoothed across them. Find any polygons that cap the ends of your cylinder segments and delete them. Or use smoothing groups to separate the sides of the cylinder from the ends.

Try applying an Edge Split modifier. You shouldn’t have to delete anything unless your normals are screwed, which isn’t likely with mostly primitives used for your model.

Thank you very much its looking much nicer now:

You have to be careful. If you click “smooth” in object mode ALL faces are smoothed.

Better go into edit mode and select the connected faces (face select). Then click “smooth”.

Se the results:

BTW: In your case you do not need the caps as they are never visible. So you can remove them to reduce face count.

I would try and have some AO on the model - baking ao is useful.

If you have two areas to be smoothed right next to each other, you can disconnect the faces. (edit mode … select faces … <y>)