Any TortoiseSVN users that can help me?

OK, I got bad internet so downloading takes awhile, 1GB take a good 3 hours to complete. I’m trying to get Blender’s precompiled libraries using TortoiseSVN. From what I read, it’s roughly 6.5GB ,so you can see where it’s frustrating when it fails and I have to start all over again, just to fail again. I have ran into the same error twice and I think a different one on the first try.

How can I get Blender’s precompiled libraries downloaded. How do I continue the “Checkout” when I run into a error. Some things I seen online was doing a “Update”. When I tried that it said it was locked. Another thing I read said do a “Cleanup” and then the “Update”. That seems to work ,but I think it started downloading from the beginning again.

OK, after some time, it looked like the Cleanup and Update option continued from where it left off.