Any tricks for high res models

So I’m making a high res sculpted version of a game model to make a normal map. Getting pretty detailed and now blender is slowing a bit down. I can make do but I was wondering if there was any tricks to speed it up a bit. Like is there a way to split parts of a model on several layers?
that would be a neat feature.


I’m still kinda new and learning blender but if your model is made up of multiple objects you can go into object mode select the objects to transfer to a different layer and hit M and click the layer you wish to move it to. and to view multiple layers at once just shift click the layer buttons near the bottom of the screen.

hmmm, I know you can do that but so you think there is a way to do that to connected faces? That would be great!

No way that I know of to do that. But, you can select the section of the mesh you want to move to a new layer and separate it from the mesh with P then move that object to a new layer. I’ll keep a look out for a way to do it with connected faces and let you know if I find a way.

sounds like you have made yourself a really dense mesh

you can rebuild the topology (retopo) to make it more efficient

check out this vid

also search for others on google

The ‘H’ key will hide selected faces, that might be what you’re looking for.

In 2.49 there is partial redraw in the sculpt menu. It cuts the faces in half by not drawing the backside. The other tip is to lower the amount of undo steps in the user prefs.

Thanks for the great tips guys! the ‘H’ key is really great. And thanks for the link to the retopo tool, I had forgotten all about it :smiley:

If you still want to split off faces, press p in edit mode
It will split all selected vertices into a separate object