Any Tutorials about Using Properties

Are there any tutorials about properties,because i can’t find any :frowning:
I want to understand them , because they are very useful.

Yeah would be great, I was planning to do this sometime, but for now I don’t know when. If someone else want, do it. I’m out of sparetime (with luck I have 11 hours a week sparetime included weekend) :frowning:

I know about properties, but teachng them would just go over me. %|

What’s there to say about properties besides that they’re like variables. If you know anything about programming you’ll most likely get how to use properties.

Hmm, for the guy that volunteers themselves on doing a tutorial about properties it might be kind of long. Cause essentially properties can be used in a combination of ways to achieve many things.

Some short examples of what it can do is be used in conjunction with the collision sensor (check for property), property actuator (modify property values), IPO and action actuator (play by properties), Expression controller, and a bunch of other stuff.

Jason Lin

Properties can be used for things like health, location, pretty much anything that is numbers or words. For example, you could have a property, maybe called “carrying.” That property would determine how fast your character moves according to a property. here’s how the logicbricks would look:

That’s a very basic use for a property, but the best way to learn how to use them is to try using them. Try making a property “health” and give it the value 100. Now whenever your character collides with an enemy, the health goes down 10. When health = 0 then use an end object actuator to kill your character.

That’s all there is to it, there are more complex version of properties, but try messing around, you’ll see that once you get it you’ll have a much better view on properties if i just told you how to use everything.


So thats how you use them - as variables :expressionless: !That explanes many things.
But about the Health.What if your character gets more damage than there is Health - the health doesnt stop at 0 , but it stops at a negative number.How to tell the character to die when the number is Smaller than zero? :-?

Well as Pooba said learning how to use properties is just using them yourself and playing around.

Hmm, for health you have to use an expression for the controller. A regular AND controller will not work anymore. Lol, acutally with a bit more logic bricks you could make it work without using an expression, but that’ll just be more work.

So you have a property health and you already made it be able to take away life if it collides into something. To make the character die when life is less than 0 just do this.

Property(Health changed) -> Expression(Health < 0) -> Edit Object (end object)

For the actuator you can do something else besides end the object.

Jason Lin

Got It! Thanks GoldenTaiji :smiley: !

You could also change the property sensor:

Change the “Equals” part to “Interval” and put in max as 0 and somethign like 9999 as min. That way if it pretty much goes anywhere under zero it’ll still fire a pulse.


Hey ,that might ge useful too , thanks Pooba :smiley: