Any tutorials on modelling interior building structures/corridors/rooms/etc?

I was wondering if there were any blender tutorials (on any known site - video or written) on modelling any type of interior structure (preferably for game design). So far I’ve found it difficult to find the right workflow for this kind of thing (such as creating doors and windows, corridors, arcs/beams, etc). Any insight is appreciated!

3dmedievial has a few, for game design: (medieval arch) (medieval vault)

look into wiki doc
there is a section on architecture

and also at noob to pro site there is a section for architecture / buildings

happy 2.5

The articles mentioned here were very helpful! Thanks!

I posted this some time ago. But the basic sequence is to first upload the floor plan; you can put it as a background image.

Create a plane and size it to wall thickness, and just extrude it all around where wall is located. Now this wall plane can be just extruded up in Z direction to give height. First extrusion should be to bottom windowsill height. Second extrusion is made to top of window frame and or to top of door opening. And the final extrusion takes up the ceiling height. Fill any gaps created or remove faces where openings are.