Any use for 3ds max 7 in addition?

I’ve recently come into possession of a proper legal copy of 3ds max 7.

On the one hand, it’s high end commercial software. On the other hand, it’s 10 years old.

Is there anything useful I would gain by having this on my machine and in my metaphorical toolbox, in addition to Blender, or is it basically just an expensive coaster at this point?

Depends up on what your are going to do with it. eg: character animation, architectural visualization etc. And check the compatibility with new operating system you are using:D

Our studio abandoned 3dsMax for Blender and have not looked back.

There is only one thing I still miss, and that is the particle flow system. I can’t wait for Blender’s particle system to get updated with node support.

There really isn’t anything else that can’t be done in Blender already.

That’s about what I figured, but I guess it was worth asking. Thanks!