Any user opinions/ results of using Blender with Shapeways?

I really want to get into this 3D printing thing through Shapeways. Anyone have any tips for me?

Cool to see people getting a good result like that. (I was actually thinking of doing the same pendant thing for my girlfriend if this worked out :wink: ). But I have a few questions, and also a few answers for you.

  1. How long did it take for it to show up in your My Models page after you submitted it? I submitted mine on Tuesday and still nothing?
  2. How is the material? How much was that pendant to make?

And an answer. In blender, in the world settings page (one to te right of the camera), you actually have the option to switch to the metric system for your units. This way, no guessing is needed. You can actually create a legit 4cm cubed cube this way, and know exactly it’s real world size. Also, as for your thickness question, adding a Solidify modified will allow you to easily control the exact thickness of it. You can get even thickness with it, and again, if you have Metric turned on for your units, you can set it to be, say, 1mm.

thank you for the reply. When I get my model, I’ll be sure to show you! This is so cool :stuck_out_tongue:

It shows up in my models almost immediately. After you upload, you get a an email within a minute or two which is the programmatic accept/deny. That email contains a link to the model, or you could just go to my models. Did you receive an email at all?

Once you have the model in my models you can select different materials and it will instantly calculate the true cost (not including shipping) for that material.

I printed this in stainless steel (punksteam?) sort of textured. It cost $16.91 + $6.50 shipping (UPS Ground I think, cheapest whatever it was) For a total of $23.41 . I think silver would have been ~$35 if memory serves.

So you pick the material, order it, pay for it, and then a few days later you may get a rejection for wall thickness. I really wish I understood wall thickness better and how to figure it out it blender. As I was rejected twice I think, which cost a week or so. And I choose the slowest shipping method too. I think it may be out of England, not sure on that one. Maybe it’s US.

Overall it was a slow, but very positive experience with 3-d printing. My girlfriend loves it and wears it a lot.

Another thing, you may want to view your model with flat shading on, I uploaded my first model and was surprised to see the shapeways render not smooth at all. I hadn’t applied my subsurf, and I had been looking at it with shmooth shading, so the upshot is that your model needs to be higher poly to come out smooth printed,a s you can’t play games with shading.

Possibly my favorite part was knowing that I had conceived, sketched, modeled and had created this piece. And it’s super strong, steele strong. You can’t bend it if you try. But my next one will be silver. I still have a credit with them and a half finished model for my sister. Good luck, and be sure to post pics when you get it.

hmm, that’s strange. Are you just uploading the plain sbl file from Blender?

Yes. Export -> Stl (.stl)
My best guess is that for whatever reason your model is being rejected, and the email is going to your spam folder. Possible?
After you upload the .stl, you should get an instant email with the subject:
“Your model ‘modename’ is being processed”

And then a minute or two later you’ll get another with the subject:
“Victory! Your model ‘modelname’ is now ready to 3D print”

That second email has a direct link to ‘my models’ that model.

All of I can think of is a spam filter. Or you gave them a misspelled email. I can’t remember if they send an activation email or just take your word.

But it’s quick. So you should check your spam folder, and failing that email support.

They have their own forum too, I might troubleshoot it through

the forum:

I was helped with my smoothness issues through it. Quick responses, monitored.

Nope! Got it to work perfectly! :smiley: My model was exported incorrectly. It said it was too small because I set my units to millimeters and not meters. My order of a 3x3 cm pyramid is on the way! :smiley:

Thank you so much for the help.

No problem. Glad it worked. As I mentioned before double check the dimensions , theyre usually under the render.

Oh and unless it’s top secret post a quick render of your pyramid, I always like seeing the models I helped along. Cheers.

It’s finally here!


Oops sorry for all those pics

Cool! I actually ordered another necklace and it came much quicker, less than two weeks. It is becoming the case that if you can conceive of it you can make it! I give that pyramid a perfect 10.