Any UV tutes you know of?

(jorx) #1

Hello Community,
I just have a question. Does any one know how to apply UV maps as Bump maps?
I’m working on a photorealistic LOTR Ring. (I’m a BIG fan)
My problem is I need the letters only on the outside.

(IngieBee) #2

Geno did a few good tutorials, one is on his site: and others were on Blendermania which is gone now, but you can still pull it up by going to

good luck, Ingie

(jorx) #3

That doesn’t help. Sorry. I couldn’t find the blendermania tute, (out of all of them) and the other one was in game UV animating. All I need is a UV mapping tute, (So you can get UV maps to show up during render,) and to know how to apply UV maps as Bump Maps.

(IamInnocent) #4

First you could learn how to uvmap with those tutorials.
For your uvmap to render the object should already have uv coordinates (see above). Then use the button UV instead of the default Orco. From that point, to get bumpmapping (or col, ref, alpha, etc…) use the “nor” button in the row of buttons to the far right and the “nor” slider just under.
As you see, once you have uvcoordinates and use them (UV button instead of Orco) the rest is pretty standard.

Have fun, call back if needed.

(MoreK) #5

I haven’t found a good UV mapping & texture tutorial either.

This tut helped me to get started with UV mapping couple of days ago, you may find it usefull too: