Any videos or tutorials for modelling something like this? (Car engine part/housing)

For example, something like this:

or this:

I’ve tried to find videos and tutorials but no dice. Is blender even the easiest program for modelling something like this? Any help is appreciated!

For create engine parts directly, not that i know, but it is called hardsurface .

You can model this type of parts in Blender

But is Blender the most easy software for it.? Cad softwares are made for that, Fusion360, Inventor, Autocad. solidworks etc…

here is one example

but takes time

happy bl

What do you want to use it for? As said above, Cad software might be a better bet if it is purely to make it. If you want to animate it or use it in a game then 3d modelling software like blender will be able to fulfill it.

Thanks for the resources guys. If I come across some more I’ll post the links here for anyone else looking this up.

I just thought it was good practice, looked neat, and I could incorporate similar designs into my models like Vitaly Bulgarov. Are you implying that it would be easiest to make it in a cad software then import it into blender?

Oh it is an excellent practice, specially if you want to model it with excellent topology and full details, I have done some engine parts by the past, and model it is really stimulating as it make use of many different technics, and all in one project.

You will need good reference images and if possible, really complete Blueprints are your best friends

Nope. While it is possible, cleaning it up would be a bit of a pain.