Any way to add texture to FBX file?

Hey, I have create architecture model using Revit and I exported the FBX model to import it to Blender.

Now when ever I’m trying to add any texture to the FBX model itself it just load the color, however I tried to create another object using blender and the texture applied on to the object create by blender works just fine.

Any tips ?


Seems like your UV-space got messed up, so that each uv island is infinitely small, and thus just sampling one pixel/color. I don’t know revit, but if you can texture stuff in there, you should be able to export the corresponding uv maps. If not and you want to texture in blender, make sure you unwrap the object (In Edit Mode (TAB), hit spacebar and type “unwrap” or “projection”. If that makes it so that the mesh “accepts” the texture, you have to start unwrapping. I usually avoid unwrapping and go procedural but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. It can be a cumbersome process, but it’s not exactly hard if you know what to do. Take a look here:

Also, i have this problem with imported .svg files sometimes, I just delete the material and create a new one. Maybe that’s already enough but it sounds like your uv’s are all on the same coordinate.