Any way to "carve out" on object?


For starters please be kind - I am a TOTAL Noob. I’ve done some of the tutorials and searched extensively on google for what I want to be able to do. From what I can tell the closest tool the Blender has is the Boolean tool - which doesn’t do quite what I want.

What I would like to do is basically “cookie cut” a chunk out of an object at the depth I desire. The reason for this is that for my own enjoyment I am building a set of PVC parts (as in real world PVC tubes and connectors - you know the white plastic tubing used for plumbing)

So far I can have a nice “tube”, a “T” and a cross. I can use the parts as is, but I would like to make them a bit more “real” by making them completely hollow. But the T and the Cross (built simply with two tubes each) block off the hole. So I want to “drill out” the hole. In the Cross I need to cut out circles from 4 walls, and on the “T” I need to cut out 3 walls (really 2 half walls and 1 full wall).

I hope the following picture helps:

Thanks for any help you may be able to share,


Extrusion will be your friend, as well as resizing along normals (ALT-S). Select the outer faces of your tube, hit E to extrude, right-click to abort translation, resize faces along normals using ALT-S. Done.

Yes, that’s exactly what booleans are for. However, you’re missing the important boolean shape to cut with: the hole.

You should have

  1. A (single) piece of the PVC tube, and a regular cylindar with radius the size of the hole to cut. Also make sure that the number of sections around the tube and hole are the same.
  2. Arrange the ‘hole’ 90 degrees to your tube and cut.

For the cross: duplicate the tube with the hole in it (your new object), and rotate it 90 degrees. Viola!

For the T: your cuts will be different for each part: one like the cross but where the hole only intersects halfway through the tube, and the perpendicular one where the hole intersects at the very end, not in the middle (the tube and hole items should be arranged in a T just like the first part, but with the tube and hole items exchanged.)
Hope this makes sense.

Booleans are notorious for making a mess of your meshes. You’d do just as well to do this yourself:

  1. Turn on wireframe mode.
  2. Place your tube, so that it lies left to right in front view.
  3. Beneath it, place the 3d cursor.
  4. In top view, add a circle. Scale it to the size of the hole.
  5. Select the tube object and tab into edit mode.
  6. Use Ctrl-R (loop subdivide) twice on your tube to place two edge loops very close to each other at the center of the hole. You’ll have to make the two cuts once each for the outer and the inner tubes of the pipe. Try to make them so that in top view you cannot see the difference between the inner and outer tube cuts.
  7. (Still in top view) grab individual vertices and move them directly along the line until it lies above the edge of the circle object below (press G then X or Y).
    8) Click the little triangle with a dot in the middle on the header bar (face edit mode) and select the faces of the hole.
  8. Press X --> Faces.

And you have a very clean hole in your mesh.

Hope this helps.