Any way to create sticky fluid?

Blender used to have slip options before 2.82 in the obstacle settings, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. So, did they remove that completely? In any case, is there any way to make so fluid “sticks” or goes down walls slower, just like it’d happen in real life?

One way in fluid simulation is that you can slow down the flow - here is a tutorial where the preset used is ‘honey’ Although at the start it’s running pretty fast, but you can slow this down a lot to get a more sticky effect.

I’m guessing you forgot to link the tutorial

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Here it is

sorry I did! But the link provided below is a good one.

Hi. You download Blender 2.92 beta:


  • A new method for viscosity simulations has been added. (635694c0ff, rBM7510rBM)
  • The new viscosity algorithm makes it possible to simulate buckling, coiling and rotating liquids. (Underlying method: Viscous Fluids)
  • All new UI viscosity properties (i.e. enable/disable viscosity solver, change viscosity strength) can be animated with keyframes.
  • Both FLIP and the new APIC simulation method can be used with the viscosity solver. The more stable behavior makes APIC the recommended simulation method though.