Any Way to Export Blender Models to 3DS Max 2012?

I’m used to exporting my Blender to a few other 3D programs, such as Sculptris and ZBrush. I noticed that my models can be export to 3D Studio in the .3ds file format. I have 3DS Max, but it uses the .max file format. Is there any addons for models in Blender 2.6 to 2.62 that would allow me to export my model as a .max file? I tried using model exported as a .3ds file, but all I got was a huge box in place of the model (in this case, in tried to export a model I’ve made of a gold ingot). Does anyone know how to alleviate this? :o

Never mind. I’m starting to figure it out.

I figured out that I can export my models and scenes to 3DS Max using the .fbx file format. I have yet to determine if materials and textures are imported also, considering I have yet to learn how to render in 3DS Max. It looks like I’ve got a fun challenge ahead of me…

They are. So is animation data. .fbx is about the most comprehensive format I have used to export to Max.

.obj and collada are pretty useful too.

I did think .obj files could be imported to Max organic. I didn’t know that Collada files could be used too. All I know about Collada is that it was originally developed for the PS3. Right now I’m hoping to learn 3DS Max also, so I can make my own games eventually. I’m starting to learn DirectX, which I know Blender models can be imported to. I’m not sure about Max yet on that. I’m new to Max, so I still have a lot to learn. I’m enjoying learning how to model 3D graphics, and I’m hoping to learning more than just Blender. I’m finding out graphic modelling is a great creative outlet for me, and it’s very therapeutic for me also.