Any way to fix this? Blender "loses topology" after separating and joining meshes.

Hi! It’d be easier to watch what I’m talking about:

So, after separating and joining the UV sphere back, it “loses its topology”. All the vertices are messed up.

It’s a problem. The only solution I found is linking UV spheres (it copies all object data from 1st sphere whith shape keys to the second), but that destroys “original topology” of my 2nd “true” UV sphere…

So I want to find a way to “repair” vertex data of my 1st UV sphere after all these separate/join manipulations…if it possible of course

your link and upload is ugly. if you need some help maybe upload it it somewhere else where people don`t need to download something or create an account or whatever. sorry!

The site is good, dont know what do you mean.

Another link if you want:

o.k. :slight_smile: better

the reason for that is you seperated one mesh into two meshes. did the shape key deformation and joined that two meshes. Because of that you loose the vertex information or order on that joined mesh. In other words the order of vertices are different to the second uv sphere. Thats the reason why it doesnt work.
One thing you could do is to select the uv sphere with no shape key and set the object data to the sphere with shapekey. After that hi “u” and choose “object & data”. now you should be able to do it. hope that helps a bit.